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Radon mitigation System Pricing

  • Prices generally range from $800 to $1200.
  • A radon mitigation system price can not be truly estimated without coming to your home and completing a FREE analysis of the building.
  • When we conduct an estimate, we will always estimate high. This will include room for error and corrections so that there are never any surprises.
  • Radon is an unexpected issue and cost. We strive to keep our prices low to help you with this unexpected expense.
  • The age of your house and it's sub slab material are a key factor in the price. Newer homes with porous sub slab aggregate are easier to mitigate, and therefore will be cheaper. Older homes, or homes that are built on tightly compacted soil, such as clay, are difficult to mitigate and will cost more.
  • The square footage of the building footprint affects the price. The larger the building, the more pipe that we must use, which means the higher the price. Generally, the cost of pipe is $2 per foot.
  • If your home has a crawl space that needs to be mitigated, the cost will go up. The main factor that causes this increase in price is the type of vapor barrier that we will need to install in the crawl space.
  • Radon exhaust pipes that need to run through the interior of the home will cost more than those that need to be run on the exterior of the home.