Radon Mitigation Wilmington, DE

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System Design

  • Want to put your own system in? No problem! We can provide system design for homeowners who wish to install their own radon mitigation system. 

Radon Testing for Delaware  

  • We provide radon testing for real estate transactions in residential buildings.
  • We provide radon testing for Day Care Facilitis as part of their required licensing. 
  • We utilize an electronic testing monitoring that will give you an instant radon test report after the 48 hour test is completed. NO NEED TO WAIT FOR RESULTS FROM A LAB!

Radon Mitigation

  • We will provide you with a radon mitigation system that will be professionally installed, visibly appealing, and will reduce your levels of radon.
  • We will most commonly install an active soil depressurization system (ASD). This system will suction out the radon from beneath your home and exhaust it to the outside.
  • If you have a crawl space or area that does not have a concrete foundation, we can still mitigate it. We are still able to supply a suction to the crawl space area and prevent the radon from traveling into your home.
  • If you are in a rural area and utilize a drinking well, we can install a radon removal system for your potable well.

Radon Mitigation Services for Delaware and eastern pennsylvania